In between banging on pipes, flicking light switches and going “ooohhhooo”, Gentle, Ghosts makes music. 90’s college rock, alt-country and indie-jangling coalesce in imperfect harmonies. On this page, you’ll find the tracks that have been released to date. There’s more to come. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, only you can decide.


How I’ll break your heart (single)

Debut single “How I’ll break your heart”. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Buy it on Bandcamp.

I’ll give you all of me at the start…


Kiss me like a comedian

A bittersweet celebration of falling in love, despite your best efforts. Listen to it here.

We can’t love without hurting, we’re too knobbly and ragged…


You’ll never find out

A story of falling in love with someone you shouldn’t of and failing to tell them. To be released August 16th 2021. Listen to it here.

You’ll never find out, I’ve hated everyone you’ve dated…


Someone Great

LCD Soundsystem’s melancholic anthem given an autumnal makeover. Listen to it here.

I wish that we could talk about it…


How I’ll break your heart (ALBUM)

Debut album out August 9th 2021. 10 songs describing the many ways we muck love up, carelessly or callously, during the bloom and bust of a relationship. Buy it on Bandcamp.

I’ll blame you for all of it if you let me break your heart


Love comes out of the dark (ALBUM)

Due Winter 2021. It comes armed with a distortion pedal. Rock on.