How I’ll break your heart

Debut single, available to buy on Bandcamp, February 14th 2021

I’ll tell you all my insecurities
Say you’re the balm that my soul needs
Planting excuses ready to bloom
And I know it will be spring soon

This is how I’ll break your heart

My words are like honey, sweet on the lips
Creating a mess wherever they stick
My kisses like wine, seductive at first
But the regret? You’ve never felt worse

Oh I’m so complicated
To you, I’ll be dedicated
For the first month or two
I’m so full of shit if you can’t smell it
It’s only because I’ve perfected
How I’ll break your heart

So sharpen the knives
Sharpen the spoons
Sharpen the pillows
Cause I’ll be there soon
And I’ll blame you for all of it

If you let me break your heart